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Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, Chicago

Art Miscellanea

Silly, Difficult, and Not Easily Ignored: an Interview with Phyllis Bramson
Ben Medina, writing for Wesleyan University’s lifestyle, arts, and culture magazine, Method Magazine, interviews Phyllis Bramson about her fervid, salaciously funny neon fantasies.

Phyllis Bramson, Under the Pleasure Dome: A Survey
The catalog accompanying the exhibition being held at the Chicago Cultural Center.

Phyllis Bramson: In Praise of Folly, A Retrospective, 1985–2015
The catalog accompanying the exhibition being held at the Rockford Art Museum.

Phyllis Bramson on Henry Darger
An essay Phyllis wrote on the website,, about Henry Darger’s influence on her work.

Les Femmes Folles
Sally Brown Deskins interviews Phyllis Bramson and discusses her exhibition at the Rockford Art Museum, her art and women in the arts.

Considering the Chicago Artist (PDF: 4 MB)
Kevin Nance’s Chicago Gallery News article offering a glimpse into the Chicago art scene.

Visual Art Source
Review of “Love and Affection in a Troubled World” at Zolla/Lieberman Gallery, by Robin Dluzen.

The Sketchbook project

MouthToMouth (PDF: 1 MB)
Magazine Interview Featuring Phyllis Bramson, Deva Maitland, and Mindy Rose Schwartz.

Bad at Sports: Contemporary Art Talk
Lise McKean discusses what's in Phyllis Bramson sightlines.

Culture Hall

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