Curatorial Projects

“Tethered to My World, Contemporary Figure Painting: Location, Chicago”
The Art Center in Highland Park, IL
September 3–October 1, 2010

“Pasted On”
Carl Hammer Gallery, Chicago, co-curated with Carl Hammer
January 2–31, 2002

“It Looks Easy: A Cross Section of Painting in Chicago”
Gallery 400 at the University of Illinois/Chicago, co-curated with Phyllis Bramson,
Julia Fish, Susan Senseman
August 30–October 2, 1999

“…And Everything Nice”
Rockford Art Museum, Rockford, IL, co-curated with Phyllis Bramson and Scott Snyder/curator
February 12–May 2, 1999

“More Then Real”
Gallery 400 at the University of Illinois/Chicago
January 1–February 2, 1995



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